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The 50K Population Growth Project


50K Population Target

During the Working Group discussions, it has been apparent from an early stage that, even with costs savings from modern construction techniques, a fixed link to serve the existing South Argyll & Bute / Cowal population could be difficult to justify. A population of around 50,000 over the entire South Argyll & Bute / Cowal area could, on the other hand, be considered an attractive investment for the Government. However,   to avoid the ‘chicken and egg’ scenario and the inevitable delays that would result, each of the project components would be implemented in parallel. An assumption for the 50K Target project is that it would be principally funded by the private sector.

Land for the housing developments that would be required would be principally from the Forestry Commission Scotland, who would be a key partner in this part of the project. Housing developments would be an appropriate mix of affordable and market housing. The Government would also be critical in ensuring that small to medium business be established. These could include new campuses of universities, relocated Government offices and attractive terms for new businesses established in the area.

While the Group felt that the 50K Target should be principally private sector driven, an overall blueprint / environmental plan should be produce which identifies areas to be developed while preserving the distinct environmental character that the area currently possesses.

The Group is conscious that an increase in population to the 50K level will place demands on public utilities that are not currently envisaged; however, with appropriate consultation, the utility companies should be expected to respond in a timely manner to provision of additional services.

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